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Wedding videos: Why you should have one

Perhaps you’re wondering, what use a wedding video would be? Is it worth the cost to hire a wedding videographer to capture this very special occasion? Shouldn’t the wedding pictures be enough? Working with a limited budget may be tough, but is your wedding video something you should cut from your budget for your wedding?

In a sentence: Yes, it will be worth it.

So, how do you decide if you should have a wedding video?

If the idea of having a professional videographer following you around to capture every moment doesn’t appeal to you, it’s perfectly natural. Some couples would prefer not to have yet another professional (aside from the photographer) in close proximity, as it rather limits them from being natural, relaxing and enjoying themselves. However, there are many different ways of filming, that you’re able to customize and choose the perfect way of getting your wedding on video, even as you just relax and enjoy your special day.

Where photos fail, is where the videos become invaluable. Capturing moments such as the groom’s growing smile as he watches the bride walk down the aisle, the way the bride walks down the aisle, the way the vows are passionately delivered. Transcending photos, these moments can only be relived through the videos. It goes to say that your photos could never compare with the wedding video, and no one can place a price tag on it. Many couples have expressed regret at not having a videographer to capture these events, and that they are unable to relive it as well through photos than they would have with videos.

Moreover, the videos will evoke your memories of how exceptional the day was, and bring back all the emotions you felt at those moments. Not only will the videographer capture your beautiful moments as a couple, but the funny moments, the romantic moments, and even the interactions between family and friends.

Consider and choose carefully which videographer is right for you, don’t rush through the process

One thing to take note is to see the experience that they have, and any recent examples of weddings videos and testimonials from satisfied and happy clients. This will help you to build your trust and assess this videographer, to see if his style suits what you’re looking for. If you’re a shy couple, then you may not want a videographer who only does a dramatic cinematographic style. Thus, ensure that the both of you are agreeable with the style the videographer shoots.

Next, both of you must be comfortable with the videographer you have in mind, as this will set the tone for how free you feel to behave in front of the videographer. Furthermore, being comfortable with the videographer will also enable you to have an ease of putting in requests to have every detail captured in the way perfect for you.

Ultimately, wedding videos are sure to be worth it, for you to relive the perfect memories you create at your wedding. Don’t regret not having one, because you won’t get the chance again!

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