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Your wedding planning style based on your zodiac sign

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Planning a wedding is not an easy feat. At times, it can even be exhausting. A lot of people will tell you what to do and how to do it. But when you try their style, it seems that it’s not working for you.

Well, here’s a solution that we propose. Why don’t you base your wedding planning style according to your zodiac sign?


You are naturally creative and you wouldn’t want to copy another wedding style. You want to add your own flair and you mean it! As early as now, try to visualize what you want. Get ideas from all over the place. It doesn’t have to be from weddings. It can be from other crazy events which can make your wedding the talk of the town.


You want your wedding to be fairy-tale like. You want to feel like a princess and the style is more whimsical. While this is obviously possible, you need to listen to your wedding planner. Perhaps you have to work on the limited time and budget. Don’t worry, it will still remain lovely and fantastic.


Aries is known to be a lover of new and surprising experiences. That means, you don’t easily get overwhelmed. In fact, you are eager to get more tasks. But you have to be careful about being too ambitious with your plans. It might affect your relationship with your vendors. 


You want everything to be perfect and you are willing to spend a lot to get that ideal wedding you have always dreamed about. That’s amazing because you only get to experience it once in a life time. But remember that there are more affordable alternatives to use. Try to compare suppliers and get the best deals.


What’s good about Gemini is that you are a fan of surprises. That means your guests will be excited to know what’s in store for your wedding. However, you have to continuously check your emotions. Bear in mind that things might not go your way and changes are normal during wedding plans. You might want to do a thorough research and get a lot of opinions before you cast your plans in stone.


Cancer is known as the most romantic sign. So we can visualize your wedding as filled with roses, champagne, and nothing short of extravagant. You might want to use pearls during the event and include silver to your overall motif.


As a Leo, you will naturally shine during your big day. But remember not to overly steal the spotlight because you are to share it with your husband. Now, when planning for your wedding, you are likely to focus on what your guests will truly enjoy. This is one of your gifts that you probably do not know.


You are a perfectionist and at the same time, you want your guests to enjoy. That is why you opt for a more intimate wedding where only those who are dear to are invited. It’s best to come up with amazing wedding activities so that your guests will never forget that night.


You are known to have eyes for details and you can definitely use that when you are planning your own wedding. You wouldn’t have much of a problem with your vendors as you always try to be diplomatic with your approach. It is good though if you ask some of your friends to help you so that you won’t get burned out when things go rough.


You want to party! In that case, you can go crazy with your wedding plans. You are not really into details but you want your guests to have a great time. In that case, bring on more wine!


Sagittarius people always have a grand vision and they always make it a reality. It will not be surprising that your wedding will be the event of the year. You just have to take it a bit slow when dealing with vendors as they might feel that you are overly demanding.


Your wedding is going to be grand – well, at least in your vision. You want everything traditional yet you want to make a statement. Capricorns are known to have high perseverance and it will show in your wedding day. Just try to relax because as always, there might be mishaps and adjustments along the way.

At the end of the day, you must find time to pause and relax when planning you wedding. You wouldn’t want to be branded as a ‘Bridezilla’, would you? It is highly recommended that you get help from your family or friends. And in case they are not available, hiring good wedding planners can be your saving grace.




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