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Wedding photography styles you should consider

Photography is a crucial part of every wedding. How else are we to relive these moments, on such a special day? Thus, there’s no doubt about the importance of a wedding photographer.

However, before deciding on your wedding photographer, you should be aware of the photography styles you would want for your wedding day. After all, different people have different ideas for perfect wedding photos. Only after you’ve decided on which style you would like, and whether the photographer you have in mind is able to take the photos in the style which you want, then can you decide on a photographer for your wedding day.

Take your time to decide which style would suit you best and do include the wedding photographer you have in mind in your discussions! Here are a few styles which you may like to consider for your wedding.

1. Classic

Classic photos are, as titled, classic. Meaning that they draw inspiration from the past, such as from the old photo albums of our parents’ and grandparents’ generation. Yep, those photos with the formal poses that will never go out of style. Now that’s classic. You can never go wrong with this style, as classic pictures will always look amazing.

However, this photography style is all about the styling and posing, but it does do the job well. Ultimately, it all boils down to whether you think this style fits you. Do you want something more unconventional? More adventurous? Or does something classic suit what you’re looking for?

2. Photojournalism/Documentary

A newer form of wedding photography, photojournalism is becoming increasingly popular amongst the newer generation. Instead of the usual posing and formal picture taking, the photographer takes a natural approach to capture all that’s happening at the event, in an inconspicuous manner, so as not to encroach on the privacy of the guests or the bride and groom.

This style takes a wholly different approach than from the usual photography styles, and does it in a way such that it resembles photographs that one might find in newspapers or magazines. Photojournalism captures events as they happen, instead of setting up the opportune moment. This style should especially appeal to those who hate posing for photos and find it really uncomfortable, then choose a photojournalistic style when it comes to your wedding photos!

3. Dramatic

Photos shot in epic proportions, dramatic wedding photography may not appeal to everyone. Taken with the perfect dramatic backdrop and lighting, these photos capture a certain intensity which aren’t usually found in other photography styles. Hype yourself up, and prepare to be dramatic! Communicate your ideas with your photographer, and see if they can achieve the look you’re going for. This is your time to live out your favourite movie or fairytale!

4. Artistic

Artistic photography stands out from other styles in its innovative use of colours, focus and light, blended into a perfect art piece. These photos capture not just the couple, but the romance between them, displayed in the quality of the pictures, and how the use of the surrounding factors enhance this surreal feeling of romance.

The photographer carefully considers not just how the couple poses and stands, but how best to create photos which are natural and full of emotion. Every little detail, every “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” moment is not lost on the attentive photographer.

If this form of photography speaks to you, then make sure your photographer understands your requests, and at the end of the day, you may find yourself having an artistic photo as a piece of art for your home!

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