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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress for Your Body Shape

Finding a perfect dress that flatters the body figure can be a difficult task to many brides. Trying on dress after dress that doesn’t suit the figure can affect the bride’s self-esteem and can make the process of dress fitting more of a chore than a fun one. However, the solution is simple. Shop for your shape! Knowing your body shape is an important part of finding a wedding dress that fits you perfectly. Once you know your body shape, you can better understand which type of style suits your physique. Consider the following guidelines when it’s time to go shopping for your wedding dress.

Hourglass Shaped




























If you have an hourglass figure, your shoulders and hips are of a similar width, usually with a set in slim waist.

Wedding dress that suits you: Ladies in hourglass shape look great in mermaid dresses as it shows off your curves in all the right places. Structured dresses like ball gowns, really flaunt your thin waist and curvy physique.

Dress Tip: Try not to go for heavy fabric as it can over exaggerate your curves and underwhelm your waist, making your body look unbalanced.

Apple Shaped




























If you have an apple shaped body, most of your weight is in the middle part of your body above your hips. You may have broader ribs, shoulders and back.

Wedding dress that suits you: The smallest point of your body is your waistline, meaning a dress that cinches in at your waist is flattering to your figure. The skirt should have a gradual A-shaped flare downwards to the floor, and a V shape neckline will draw attention to the vertical and not the horizontal.

Dress Tip: Avoid dresses that flare out at your middle, as this will draw attention to your widest area.

Pear Shaped




























If you have a pear-shaped body, the lower part of your body is wider than the top. Your hips are wider than your shoulders and your waist is well defined with a rounded bottom.

Wedding dress that suits you: A dress with a flowing skirt that naturally flares out at the waist and down to the floor. This exaggerates the slim waistline and overrides the bottom heavy hips and bum.

Dress Tip: Go for a heavier fabric, such as satin, as this won’t cling and will appear more flattering.

Rectangle Shaped




























If you’re rectangular, the width of your shoulders, hips and waist are similar and you are slender and straight lined. You may have an athletic look on you.

Wedding dress that suits you: Your perfect wedding dress is one that creates curves where you don’t have them. A dress in a soft, wispy fabric that has a naturally curved seam line will make you appear curvier and therefore flattering your slender figure.

Dress Tip: A bodice with the ruched textured material will create volume if you have a small bust.

Whatever your shape, you can find the perfect wedding dress that you love and feel confident in. There are dresses for all shapes and sizes, so don’t feel disappointed if you don’t find the right one right away. Figure out what your body shape is and shop the dresses that are right for you. You can find wedding dresses for all body shapes by engaging Malena Bridal.

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