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As a bride to be, you must be excited about walking down the aisle wearing the perfect wedding gown that you have been dreaming about all your life. it is the dream of every bride to look her best on the wedding day, and rightly so, it is indeed the most important day of your life, and you deserve to look the most beautiful. You as a bride want to leave a mark of how beautiful you looked at your wedding on the groom and also on the guests.

If you are planning to buy that beautiful wedding own that you have been drooling over for some time, then think again. Is it worth all the money that you have to spend to wear that wedding dress just for a couple of hours? A sensible answer here would be NO. and the best option would be to opt for a wedding gown rental service in Singapore. Since the cost of the dress and its future maintenance costs is an important consideration while buying a wedding dress, wedding gown rental is a much lucrative and practical option for the modern day bride.

Wedding gown rentals is always considered a practical solution to your wedding gown needs if you consider the budgeting part of your wedding. You can well utilize the funds that you kept aside to be spent on an expensive wedding gown on other aspects of your wedding if you opt for a wedding gown rental instead. Wedding gown rental services like Malena Bridal offer dresses on rent in Singapore to suit every budget. We have an extensive collection of wedding gowns that are in accordance with the latest trends and also traditions of the society.

We keep and maintain our dresses in immaculate quality, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with even a stich coming off the seams of the wedding gown that you want to rent out for your wedding. Our dresses are dry cleaned and hygienic, so they are basically ready to use after you get it fitted according to your body shape. You can leave all your reservations about having to wear a rental wedding gown on your wedding aside with us.

bridal gown rental Singapore

The advantages of wedding gown rentals are many:

  • First and foremost is the cost factor. We have wedding gowns available on rent in Singapore that can fit every budget. And if you compare the cost of a new dress with the tariff of our rent for similar dresses, then you will be amazed at the amount of money that you can save by opting for a wedding own rental in Singapore. You can save your valuable and hard earned money and save or invest it for future needs or can even spend it on making some other arrangements for the wedding. Dresses worth thousands of dollars can be taken on rent from us for a couple of dollars.
  • The wedding gown is not the only thing that you need to spend on if you are planning to buy it. You need suitable and matching accessories with it, which will cost you another hundreds of dollars and you may not even use those accessories again because you bought them exclusively to match with your wedding gown. Popular wedding gown rental services like us also stock up on the required accessories and give them out on a nominal rent in Singapore. This will again save you hundreds of dollars and you will also not be struck with those accessories, which you will have no use of after your wedding. We stock up on accessories like veil, belts, handbags, jewelry, shoes etc. for your ease and convenience. You can select the appropriate and matching accessories and rent it out from us and return it later with the wedding gown.
  • Another important advantage that you get while renting your wedding gown from us is that you don’t have to worry about the future maintenance of the dress. You know for a fact that if you decide to buy and own a wedding gown then you would have to also care for its upkeep. You will have to take it to the dry cleaner annually or opt for some service which will take care of your dress on your behalf. But all of these services come with a price. So, if you were thinking that buying a wedding gown was a one-time expenditure, then stop now to consider the future upkeep expenses that you will have to shell out. If you decide to come to us for taking your wedding gown on rent, then you don’t need to care about spending on the yearly upkeep of the dress, as we charge you only a one-time rental for the wedding gown.
  • After you wear your self owned dress on a wedding, you know that you just cannot crawl out of it, get into your comfortable pair of jeans and catch the next flight for your honeymoon. You need to take care of the dress the first thing the morning after. You need to drop it at the dry cleaning facility to get rid of any stains of any normal dirt that may have got struck on the dress. You just cannot leave as it is as it may ruin your expensive dress. On the contrary, if u rent out your wedding dress from us, you can just ask one of your friend to return it to our studio and you yourself can start enjoying the bliss of marriage from the first day itself.

Make the smart choice of wedding gown rental services from Malena Bridal in Singapore and reap the advantages of making a smart and informed decision. At the end of the day, all that matters to us is your happiness on your wedding day.



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