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To Buy, Or To Rent?

The wedding day is that day which most people eagerly wait for. And this curiosity about the wedding is even more in females than compared to males as proved in a recent study. Tons of things need to be taken care of when planning for the D-Day like the dress, the make-up, the venue, the guests’s: list, the food menu, the return gifts, and other decorations if need to be done. Talking about the wedding dresses, brides to be are seldom in a dilemma whether to buy one or rent one. Well, the debate on whether to buy the dress or rent is endless, but here are some pros and cons of buying and renting the wedding dress.

The wedding dress is the most pivotal thing for brides, since it marks the day, the moment when their life changes for good, and they have a new world to live in. Also, this is the day when the girl is meant to be at her best and look nothing less than an angel. Well obviously there are pros of buying the dress instead of going for a rental dress for the wedding; for instance, you get to choose the style of your own choice rather than renting the one which is available. Also, you get to alter the dress as per your body dimensions, unlike in the rented own which you need to return as it was without anything alterations made. When you buy a wedding dress you can have it with you forever, to cherish the memories of the big day but when it comes to renting a wedding dress, you need to return it after the wedding. On the

other hand, talking about the pros of choosing a rental dress for the wedding instead of buying a fresh one; first and foremost it is inexpensive as compared to buying a wedding dress. Also, you need not worry about maintaining one for a lifetime and regretting on not being able to wear it again on any occasion. Plus you can invest that money in something of more utility.

So here are some pros and cons of buying and renting a wedding dress. Rental dresses for the wedding are any day affordable, economical than purchasing one, but on the other hand buying a new one has a unique feeling which is not present when renting one. Whatever the case may be, but one should make the wedding day memorable and worth cherishing!



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