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Tips for the perfect flower girls and ring bearers

One of the most adorable ways to start a wedding ceremony is a parade of cute little boys and girls. Your flower girls and ring bearers can naturally lighten up the day. But of course, we want everyone to feel comfortable about walking down the aisle. We wouldn’t want our little ones to cry out of fear or out of irritability. So what do we do to avoid this from happening? Here are some of our suggestions.

Choose kids who can already follow instructions

If possible, choose flower girls and ring bearers who are mature enough to listen and follow instructions. Usually, kids from ages 3 – 10 are perfect for this. It is important that they know what to do while walking, most especially for flower girls. To add more drama, they should be scattering petals instead of just walking.

Have someone to guide them

It is also important to assign someone that can guide our little boys and girls. They should clearly instruct them where to go, how fast or slow they should walk, and how to scatter the petals. If you have a flower girl and a ring bearer who’s around 9 -10, you can also give them a ‘bigger’ responsibility of leading the ‘kids team’.

 Make their dresses and suits comfortable

What we’ve noticed from the weddings we attended was that flower girls and ring bearers get easily uncomfortable with their dresses and suits. This makes them irritable and at times, they would just throw tantrums. To prevent this from happening, make sure that their clothes are kid-friendly. Make it light and not too tight. This is so they can still freely move and run around. After all, they are just kids. And don’t forget that they should also try the dresses and suits days before the wedding, just in case it needs to altered.

Practice at home

We also suggest for the flower girls and ring bearers to practice at home. Pretend that they are already carrying baskets or the ring and tell them what to expect. Share with them that there are a lot of people who would be watching. You wouldn’t want them to get caught off guard because it can be somehow frightening for them. Ensure that someone close to them will be standing where the kids can see them. This will make the feeling of nervousness die down immediately.

Bring a toy and food

Waiting for the ceremony to start can be too much for little kids. Their patience is not as long as ours. That is why remind the parents to bring small toys, books, and foods for the children.

Don’t get frustrated if one throws a tantrum  

And lastly, if on the day of the wedding, a kid starts to cry, don’t get frustrated. It happens to a lot of ceremonies and it is totally understandable. Again, children are naturally adorable whether they walk perfectly or if they cry and run. We’re still pretty sure you will have an amazing wedding.



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