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Things You Need to Know About Pre-Wedding Photography 

To date, a lot of couples choose to have a pre-wedding photography or commonly known as engagement shoot. More often than not, the shoot takes place months before the actual wedding.  


While having pre-wedding photos isn’t exactly a pre-requisite to get married, it has become a hit among soon-to-be married couples. For others, they might think that it is a total waste of budget but if you are going to look at it at a deeper level, it is more than just having the perfect set of photos. What do we mean by this? Keep scrolling to know more.  

What are the benefits or pre-wedding photography? 

To begin with, let’s talk about the benefits of having an engagement shoot.  


You get to practice with your photographer  

When you have a pre-wedding shoot, it is your chance to meet your photographer and the entire team (assuming that you will have the same one on your wedding day). With this, you will be able to establish professional relationship and at the same time, be more relaxed on your big day. Believe us, that’s going to be a big help.  


You will know how to pose for the camera and be natural   

You wouldn’t want your wedding photos to look all staged and unnatural. Would you? The best way to avoid this is to practice posing with your photographer. Most likely, you will be given tips on how to smile and how to show your best angle. You and your partner will surely benefit from it.  


You get to spend some amazing time with your partner  

We understand that preparing for the actual wedding can be stressful enough. It would be nice to schedule a couple of days where all you can do is to laugh and pose for the camera. It is a good stress-reliever.  


You see, most engagement shoots would require you to hug, kiss, or laugh with your partner. You don’t have to fake this because good photographers will actually capture the best and real moments.  


You get to immortalize the love  

And lastly, you get to save these fun moments until the end of time and your photos will become priceless.  

Ideas for your pre-wedding photography 

If you are running out of ideas for your engagement shoot, then check our quick guide below.  


Your daily life as a couple  

Some couples would like their photo shoot to be as natural as possible. Thus, they want themselves to be captured doing their daily routines. If this is something that might work for you, then go for it. What’s good with this is that you don’t need to spend for dresses. What you have in your closet should be fine. Just bring your best smile and a bag of positivity to have a great set of photos.  


Sticking with tradition 

If you and your partner are quite conservative and you want to show tradition and culture in your photos, then this option is good. You can choose locations that show your culture such as temples, churches or monuments. You can even wear traditional dresses to make your photos even more worth capturing.   


All out glam! 

If you want to scream class and elegance, then a glam engagement shoot is recommended. Think about fancy dresses and grand locations for this. If you have the budget to work on this kind of pre-wedding photography, then go ahead.   


Unique themes  

And if you want something unique and fun, then perhaps choosing a theme is what you need. Think about fairy tales, cartoons, safari, travel, or vintage to name a few. This is fun because you get to dress up and play. You’d find it hilarious at first but what’s not to like about being crazy with the one you love?   

Tips before your engagement shoot  

If you want your pre-wedding photos to look its best, you must follow our tips below. 


Choose a credible photographer 

The quality of work largely depends on the photographer. Having said that, look for a team that has already worked with a number of weddings and engagement shoots. Check for their portfolio and see if it meets your standards.  


Plot your schedule and be there on time   

It’s time to be organized again. By this we mean that you have to book your photographer, locations, and makeup artists. Make sure that that it is well plotted and that the schedule is perfect for everyone. At the day of the shoot, ensure that you will be there on time as well.  


Speak up but also respect the experts 

If you have ideas that you think might work well, then it is fine to speak up. However, you should also trust your teams. They are experts and they should know what will look best for your photos.  


It is crucial that you have a good working relationship with your photographer, stylist, and makeup artist. That way, you can brainstorm on the best ideas for your shoot. And before we forget, always ask your partner about his ideas too. Sometimes, soon-to-be brides can be controlling that they forget to ask their partners about their take about things such as engagement shoot.   


Pamper yourself 

It is also important that you feel and look good during your pre-wedding shoot. Don’t rely on makeup to look fresh. Get a good sleep and have a healthy lifestyle. Trust us, it will radiate in your photos.  


Relax and enjoy 

And lastly, just enjoy the day. There might be a number of unexpected setbacks such as a bad weather or a missing dress. It can be frustrating but don’t let that get the best of you. Just flash a big smile and have fun.       








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