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Things to remember when planning an overseas destination wedding

Planning a wedding, while fun, can be a bit challenging – and having an overseas destination wedding will surely raise the bar high. That doesn’t mean we are discouraging you to have one. In fact, it’s a great idea if you want your wedding to be unique and of course, memorable. We are actually here to help you identify the things you MUST consider for weddings abroad.

We don’t want to waste your time so let’s hop on right away!

Legalities of your marriage

Bear in mind that marriage laws are different from one country to another. It is important that you do your research first, (1) to ensure that it is legal to get married in your chosen destination, and (2) that it will be recognized in your own country. If you feel that the paperwork is too much for you, then we suggest you get married locally and hold the reception overseas. In other cases, some couples would get married in their own country and then have a different ceremony abroad – just so they are sure about the legalities.

And before we forget, make a list of documents that you have to bring before you fly out. Make sure that it is secured from getting wet and getting wrinkled.

Take time to research

More often than not, you will be working with local suppliers from a different country. It is a must that you do a bit of investigation about their company and services. You can also ask the locals for recommendations.

Know when to schedule your wedding

When you decide to have your wedding abroad, you have to be prepared with the cost. Of course, the travel cost gets higher if you need to take a plane. But if you want to save some cash, then might as well choose dates which are off-peak. This is actually recommended not just for the savings, but to avoid the usual crowd during peak seasons.

Provide instructions/recommendations to your guests

We do not recommend that you book the flights of your guests. That can be chaotic and it’s hard to organize given that they have different schedules. What you can do is to provide them with a list of instructions and recommendations of flights and hotels. Or, if you can get the services of travel agencies where they can coordinate on your behalf, then that would be good too.

Visit the country prior wedding

Like a local wedding, you need to do your ocular inspection. We recommend that you visit your destination for at least a month before your scheduled wedding. This is so you can be sure that everything is according to plan, or if there are changes needed, you don’t have to stress yourself days before the wedding. Remember, our goal is to make you feel relaxed for the big day. You wouldn’t want to get rattled on the last minute, would you?

Payment methods

Wire transfer can be a pain because you need to secure a number of paperwork. Most people suggest to use a credit card to pay for your vendors or suppliers overseas.

The key here is to plan in advance so you can leave room for changes. While extra hard, weddings overseas can be amazing when successfully executed.



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