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Jessie_ClementJessie & Clement, 06/06/15

LOVE the COMMITMENT that Malena and Sally had to the littlest details on my wedding day!! It was a mad rush for every gown change but I was truly amazed by their combination of speed and meticulousness to my hair and makeup! Even the hotel staff commented that they had never seen such stunning and unique hair styles before. I’m seriously honoured to be your first assignment!


Wilson & Dora, 11/12/16

I am very glad that I engage Malena Bridal Haute Couture as my bridal studio. Sally and Malena are very caring when I am choosing my gown, and I even found a cantonese style ‘KUA’, which related to my cantonese root. Joyce is very friendly and reliable as my MUA, I trusted her a lot since my make up trial, she is very accommodating. I have visited many bridal studio and I have decided on this one at my first trial. Wishing all bridal-to-be will find your dream gown here.


Julius & Mei Chen, 06/11/16

Every Bride’s Fashion Runway. The tagline portraits exactly how I feel with Malena Bridal Haute.

I chanced upon Malena Bridal Haute few months back before my AD. Joyce’s sincerity, the beautiful gowns and the signature Kua caught my attention straightaway and I fell in love at first sight. After much consideration, I decided to go with Malena Bridal.

During my gown fitting sessions, Sally was very attentive, passionate, humble and patience. Unlike any other bridal shops that would limit fitting timing and number of gowns to try, Sally brought me a lot of gowns to try on and gave me a lot of great recommendation. The both sessions gave me paradox of selection. I spent a few days to review the photos so that I could choose the best out of the best. 

I love the dedication and professionalism of Joyce, Sally and Malena very much. They made me look like a supermodel during my pre-wedding shoot and AD. During my pre-wedding shoot, Joyce was my MUA during my pre-wedding shoot in SG. She was very meticulous and always ensured that my hubby and I were looking our best at every single minute.

AD is the day that will show how important the makeup and gowns are. The best of both will not only bring out the best in the bride but also give the bride confidence. Sally and Malena did an amazing job to my makeup and hairdo. The makeup was natural and it highlighted my features nicely. The signature KUA with its intricate embroidery was an attention grabber. The white gown is simple and elegant. The blue evening gown drew a lot of attention and compliments. I felt like a superstar walking down the aisle in the blue evening gown with the spotlights shining on us.

I had made the right choice and had no regret to engage with Malena Bridal Haute in the most important moment in my life. I will definitely recommend Malena Bridal Haute to my friends so that they could have the same experience as I did:)


Ken Han & Nicholyn, 29/10/16

Malena Bridal was the first bridal studio we stepped into and it was there and then that I knew this bridal studio is different – their gowns speak for them aplenty! Having been to many weddings, Malena’s gowns stood out the most. They are definitely soft but outstanding, bold but attractive, simple but intricate.

We received many great comments for the gowns I wore, attracting many “woahs” as people saw our actual day video which featured the details of the gowns.

One of their many strengths also lies in conceptualisation and researching the best styles that suit your face and hair. Your comments and wishes will always be taken into consideration!

Thank you, Malena Bridal, for making me look my best on my wedding day! Being a Malena bride is really one of the best experiences a woman can have for a major milestone in life!


Max & Evelyn, 15/10/16

Malena Bridal was the third bridal house we visited and we immediately fell in love with their elegant and distinctively beautiful array of gowns. It gives a very refreshing vibe, different from other bridal houses we visited in Tanjong Pagar.

Joyce attended to us during our first meeting and she was very sincere and amiable, which led us to signing up actual day package with them. During the trial make-up which lasted hours, Joyce was very professional and never did I feel any tiredness from her. From her strokes, I could tell that she’s a very seasoned make-up artist and I was assured that she would be able to deliver the ‘same results’ on actual day. We played with different looks by mixing-and-matching various headpieces and Joyce was patient and attentive to details, all to create the best-suitable style for me. 

Sally assisted us on gown fitting days and was our point-of-contact for enquiries before the actual day. She gave genuine advice and ideas and ensured we were satisfied with the gowns, suits, father jackets, bridal car colour theme etc.

Malena Bridal has a dedicated team to ensure each couple’s wedding style is created differently and special to our hearts. Thank you Joyce and Sally for the great service!


Peter & Jane, 15/10/16

Malena and team did a wonderful and extremely professional job for my wedding makeup. They did a fabulous job with my sister’s makeup as well, and many commented that my sister looked like the bride herself! They were extremely accommodating with the schedule and very personable. I’m very pleased with their service. Thank you so much !


Andrew & Tracy, 03/09/16

My overall experience with Malena Bridal Haute Couture was excellent and I will definitely recommend the studio for brides who are looking for for unique gowns, excellent service and great makeup artists.

Gowns – the selection of gowns at Malena is pretty diverse, ranging from lace-adorned dreamy dresses to tres-chic understated styles. I am personally a “magpie”, so i love gowns that will make you go wow – I’ll take anything with a sparkle. Given the range of gowns, i had different styles for my actual day – a sweet demure korean-made gown for solemnization and a dazzling evening number. Received a lot of compliments on the gowns on the actual day, so thumbs up! Cons: As many of the gowns feature full length beautiful lace centerpieces which would be a shame to snip away, i had to pass over several due to length but Malena is looking into improving this! ( the designer in her did not agree with just hemming up the gowns lol) otherwise go for sky-high shoes ( which i couldnt cause i needed to walk on a grass lawn).

Service: Generally pleasant as the trio (Joyce, Sally and Malena) are pleasant to talk to and are open to ideas from the brides ( contrast to those that just shut down your ideas especially when it doesn’t fit their idea of an amazing wedding). There are several hiccups over the alterations timings and lengths but all the response was prompt and the dresses and suits were perfect on the actual day.

Makeup: Joyce is an amazing makeup artist.Period. And even my hubby agree. I think she made both of us look like super stars on our wedding day, not a blemish, not a bald patch in sight lol. Furthermore, kudos to her dedication as she had to do 4 makeup session for me (morning, kwa, solemnization and dinner ) + touchup for the hubs for the entire day and she did so with a cheery disposition and kept up with the details on the makeup and hair ( no slip shod work there). She literally made magic on my hubs bald spot, making it disappear, he was so happy he had a full head on his special day lol. We went through the makeup ideas during the pre makeup trial (almost a full day) and is open to ideas and is great at suggesting looks as well. Definitely an amazing A+ makeup artist.


Jason & Abby, 08/08/16

If my husband and I could have two weddings (and two pre-wedding photoshoots) with each other in our lifetime, we would choose Malena Bridal all over again 🙂

We did our pre-wedding shoot with Micky in May and had Joyce as our hair and make up artist for the shoot as well as for our actual day yesterday. Both of them were patient, and extremely dedicated to their work and we couldn’t have asked for better.

Joyce put in lots of time and effort in ensuring that my hair and make up looks perfect and is open to discussing and trying out various styles – all to make sure we get the “right” look. I can only try to imagine the amount of time and thought that Joyce put into thinking about what would work best for me (eg. Can double eyelids be achieved in alternative ways on me?) and practising different ways to achieve the hairstyle I wanted and to make it even more flattering. She would constantly check to see if the hair and make up was to my liking, and would provide recommendations and make adjustments accordingly, when needed. We appreciate that consistent touch very much.

The pre-wedding shoot was fun and a pleasant experience to remember. From the beginning, we knew that we wanted photos that looked “natural” and not overly posed, and yet maintained elegance. This was what attracted us to Malena Bridal and we believe Micky’s editorial style and experience played a large part in delivering this ). Oh!! Have I mentioned Malena Bridal’s gorgeous gowns yet?

As regular people with no prior modeling experience, we were not quite sure initially about how the shoot would go. There was nothing to worry about as Joyce and Micky lent us their expertise and we were very pleased (and surprised) with how the photos turned out. We have received countless compliments for our pre-wedding photos, which have generated keen interest among our friends for Malena Bridal’s packages and work.

Malena Bridal’s pre-wedding package with Micky may not be the cheapest pre-wedding photoshoot package in the market, but we would choose them over and over again if we ever have opportunities for more photoshoots , as we can have a complete ease of mind and trust in their skills, attitude and dedication in making something work, as long as it’s within their ability to do so. This attitude and dedication is something that is priceless – that money cannot buy.

We will remember the good times we had with the team at Malena Bridal and will strongly recommend them anytime.

Thank you so, so much, for being a part of our wedding process and for many wonderful memories! 🙂


Clement & Cynthia, 30/07/16

Can’t be happier with our choice of Malena Bridal Couture. I hadn’t planned on having a bridal package of any sort, until I chanced upon Malena.

Initially, I was struck by how beautiful, clean, and elegant their pictures were. A standout from many of the other wedding packages.

And then when we signed on with Malena, they delivered well beyond our expectations.

While their experience and quality of dresses, photoshoots, and make-up are undoubtedly amazing, what really made me a raving fan was their dedication and sincerity in wanting only the best for our wedding.

Thank you once again, to the team from Malena Bridal, especially Sally and Malena for your amazing work, and also for the many fun moments. You’ve made my wedding a dream come true… and I can only wish the same for anyone else wanting a beautiful, elegant, and wonderful wedding experience.


Marc & Dana, 29/05/16

It’s been one week since we got married at Hort park with a dream of a garden wedding. It was everything that we have hope and dreamt about and we couldn’t be happier. As a bride, there’s tons of “things to do list” you need to remember for your big day. And one of the toughest things to do was to look for the perfect make-up artist. Fortunately I found Malena Bridal Couture having this promo that you can get a complimentary make-up once you sign up and email them. Good thing enough, they emailed me back that I got the complimentary make-up and I scheduled for an appointment right away. On the day of my make-up trial, I went with my then fiancé and I met up Joyce and her colleague. During the trial make-up, they asked if there’s any specific look that I want for my wedding. After the trial, I was speechless. It was the perfect look and it was what I picture myself to be on our special day. Joyce always follow-up and make sure to collaborate with my wedding planner and me. On my wedding day itself, everyone was complimenting my looks and how I look like a blushing and lovely bride. Some even complimented how fresh I look on that day. It was the most wonderful compliments a bride could ever received on her special day and I couldn’t thank Joyce enough nor Malena Bridal Couture for making things happen for me and for us. You guys are amazing! Joyce, you took time to listen to your clients and really make sure that everything is on time. Thank you!!


Zac & Haylee, 21/05/16

We engaged Malena Bridal’s MUA- Joyce for our actual day and we were very satisfied with her work! Joyce was great to work with and she could tell what my style was and was open to requests I had. I got tons of compliments on my make-up on my wedding day saying it was very natural but yet highlighted my features nicely. Also loved the hairstyles she did for me and my friends couldn’t stop raving about how getting Joyce as my MUA was one of the best decisions I made for my wedding day!

JoanneThomas & Joanne, 19/05/16
I engaged Malena Bridal for my Pre-Wedd in casual photoshoot. Joyce was the makeup artist and she was really nice and put in alot of effort to do my makeup and hairdo. My eyelids are quite different and she helped to make them look even. Knowing that I perspire easily, she did her magic on my face and the makeup lasted from noon to around 7plus 8 in the night. Awesome! The hairdo is sweet and simple, easily manageable throughout my photoshoot. I’m really happy and glad with her magic hands. Thank you!

Xue Yi & Elizabeth, 25/02/16

We engaged Joyce from Malena as our pre-wedding shoot makeup artist. During gown trying, Sally and Joyce were very patient and gave good feedback on how I looked in them. They were also very knowledgeable about the dress styles. During the shoot, the attention paid to detail and professionalism was superb. The looks were specially tailored based on my outfits and photos of looks I like. I wanted something natural yet uniquely beautiful and she managed to do this, giving me lots of confidence and many happy surprises throughout the day. Rather than the usual one-time make up session, Joyce followed me throughoutthe shoot giving much needed touch-ups and even helped with my dresses. Thank you so much for the wonderful memories made! ♥

Hong Fei & Jaslyn, 04/03/16

We engaged Malena Bridal Haute for our pre wedding shoot and AD, and never expect such excellent services. Sally and Joyce really went out of the way to make everything as smooth and as perfect it can be, from encouraging both my husband and I to try as many suits and gowns as possible, even before we signed up, to being very patient and understanding when we saw new gowns and suits and request to make changes, to making last min alterations. They were also very attentive during the pre wedding and AD and will always discuss and give us ideas on the type of hairstyle or make up which would suit me more. They are really dedicated people who always try their best to ensure we have an enjoyable time.

Jonathan & Hannah, 20/12/15

This review is loong over-due. My wife and I had our pre-wedding marriage shoot and marriage banquet in December 2015 and enlisted the services of Malena and Sally for both occasions. We were honestly impressed by the sincerity and professionalism that the duo showed throughout the entire process.

Sally is a make-up artist that places great emphasis on attention to detail, being thorough in the initial make-up process and extremely patient with touch-ups whenever required. Malena has an amazing eye for beauty and fashion, making sure that the bride felt both elegant and completely comfortable at the same time on the most important day of her life.

This is a company that truly cares about their clients and it shows in their willingness to go beyond the terms of their contract to create beautiful and memorable moments that we will always look back upon in delight.

Kathleen_KoSioKathleen & Ko Sio, 06/12/15

Malena, Sally and Joyce are very sincere and patient people. They will try to understand your expectations and the style u need and put in effort to achieve it. Gowns are absolutely stunning and lovely suits. Special thanks to them for making our wedding a nice and memorable one. Thank you.

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