Max And Evelyn - Malena Bridal Haute Couture

Max And Evelyn

Malena Bridal was the third bridal house we visited and we immediately fell in love with their elegant and distinctively beautiful array of gowns. It gives a very refreshing vibe, different from other bridal houses we visited in Tanjong Pagar.

Joyce attended to us during our first meeting and she was very sincere and amiable, which led us to signing up actual day package with them. During the trial make-up which lasted hours, Joyce was very professional and never did I feel any tiredness from her. From her strokes, I could tell that she’s a very seasoned make-up artist and I was assured that she would be able to deliver the ‘same results’ on actual day. We played with different looks by mixing-and-matching various headpieces and Joyce was patient and attentive to details, all to create the best-suitable style for me. 

Sally assisted us on gown fitting days and was our point-of-contact for enquiries before the actual day. She gave genuine advice and ideas and ensured we were satisfied with the gowns, suits, father jackets, bridal car colour theme etc.

Malena Bridal has a dedicated team to ensure each couple’s wedding style is created differently and special to our hearts. Thank you Joyce and Sally for the great service!



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