Ken Han And Nicholyn - Malena Bridal Haute Couture

Ken Han And Nicholyn

Malena Bridal was the first bridal studio we stepped into and it was there and then that I knew this bridal studio is different – their gowns speak for them aplenty! Having been to many weddings, Malena’s gowns stood out the most. They are definitely soft but outstanding, bold but attractive, simple but intricate.

We received many great comments for the gowns I wore, attracting many “woahs” as people saw our actual day video which featured the details of the gowns.

One of their many strengths also lies in conceptualisation and researching the best styles that suit your face and hair. Your comments and wishes will always be taken into consideration!

Thank you, Malena Bridal, for making me look my best on my wedding day! Being a Malena bride is really one of the best experiences a woman can have for a major milestone in life!



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