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Jason And Abby

If my husband and I could have two weddings (and two pre-wedding photoshoots) with each other in our lifetime, we would choose Malena Bridal all over again 🙂

We did our pre-wedding shoot with Micky in May and had Joyce as our hair and make up artist for the shoot as well as for our actual day yesterday. Both of them were patient, and extremely dedicated to their work and we couldn’t have asked for better.

Joyce put in lots of time and effort in ensuring that my hair and make up looks perfect and is open to discussing and trying out various styles – all to make sure we get the “right” look. I can only try to imagine the amount of time and thought that Joyce put into thinking about what would work best for me (eg. Can double eyelids be achieved in alternative ways on me?) and practising different ways to achieve the hairstyle I wanted and to make it even more flattering. She would constantly check to see if the hair and make up was to my liking, and would provide recommendations and make adjustments accordingly, when needed. We appreciate that consistent touch very much.

The pre-wedding shoot was fun and a pleasant experience to remember. From the beginning, we knew that we wanted photos that looked “natural” and not overly posed, and yet maintained elegance. This was what attracted us to Malena Bridal and we believe Micky’s editorial style and experience played a large part in delivering this ). Oh!! Have I mentioned Malena Bridal’s gorgeous gowns yet?

As regular people with no prior modeling experience, we were not quite sure initially about how the shoot would go. There was nothing to worry about as Joyce and Micky lent us their expertise and we were very pleased (and surprised) with how the photos turned out. We have received countless compliments for our pre-wedding photos, which have generated keen interest among our friends for Malena Bridal’s packages and work.

Malena Bridal’s pre-wedding package with Micky may not be the cheapest pre-wedding photoshoot package in the market, but we would choose them over and over again if we ever have opportunities for more photoshoots , as we can have a complete ease of mind and trust in their skills, attitude and dedication in making something work, as long as it’s within their ability to do so. This attitude and dedication is something that is priceless – that money cannot buy.

We will remember the good times we had with the team at Malena Bridal and will strongly recommend them anytime.

Thank you so, so much, for being a part of our wedding process and for many wonderful memories! 🙂



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