Clement And Cynthia - Malena Bridal Haute Couture

Clement And Cynthia

Can’t be happier with our choice of Malena Bridal Couture. I hadn’t planned on having a bridal package of any sort, until I chanced upon Malena.

Initially, I was struck by how beautiful, clean, and elegant their pictures were. A standout from many of the other wedding packages.

And then when we signed on with Malena, they delivered well beyond our expectations.

While their experience and quality of dresses, photoshoots, and make-up are undoubtedly amazing, what really made me a raving fan was their dedication and sincerity in wanting only the best for our wedding.

Thank you once again, to the team from Malena Bridal, especially Sally and Malena for your amazing work, and also for the many fun moments. You’ve made my wedding a dream come true… and I can only wish the same for anyone else wanting a beautiful, elegant, and wonderful wedding experience.



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