Andrew And Tracy - Malena Bridal Haute Couture

Andrew And Tracy

My overall experience with Malena Bridal Haute Couture was excellent and I will definitely recommend the studio for brides who are looking for for unique gowns, excellent service and great makeup artists.

Gowns – the selection of gowns at Malena is pretty diverse, ranging from lace-adorned dreamy dresses to tres-chic understated styles. I am personally a “magpie”, so i love gowns that will make you go wow – I’ll take anything with a sparkle. Given the range of gowns, i had different styles for my actual day – a sweet demure korean-made gown for solemnization and a dazzling evening number. Received a lot of compliments on the gowns on the actual day, so thumbs up! Cons: As many of the gowns feature full length beautiful lace centerpieces which would be a shame to snip away, i had to pass over several due to length but Malena is looking into improving this! ( the designer in her did not agree with just hemming up the gowns lol) otherwise go for sky-high shoes ( which i couldnt cause i needed to walk on a grass lawn).

Service: Generally pleasant as the trio (Joyce, Sally and Malena) are pleasant to talk to and are open to ideas from the brides ( contrast to those that just shut down your ideas especially when it doesn’t fit their idea of an amazing wedding). There are several hiccups over the alterations timings and lengths but all the response was prompt and the dresses and suits were perfect on the actual day.

Makeup: Joyce is an amazing makeup artist.Period. And even my hubby agree. I think she made both of us look like super stars on our wedding day, not a blemish, not a bald patch in sight lol. Furthermore, kudos to her dedication as she had to do 4 makeup session for me (morning, kwa, solemnization and dinner ) + touchup for the hubs for the entire day and she did so with a cheery disposition and kept up with the details on the makeup and hair ( no slip shod work there). She literally made magic on my hubs bald spot, making it disappear, he was so happy he had a full head on his special day lol. We went through the makeup ideas during the pre makeup trial (almost a full day) and is open to ideas and is great at suggesting looks as well. Definitely an amazing A+ makeup artist.



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