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Bridal Makeup Singapore

It is important to do your own research to find your preferred style of bridal makeup service in Singapore. Once you engaged the right makeup artist for your wedding, you would not have to worry about how you and your groom look on your big day.

The Big Day is approaching! Below are some tips for brides to be when looking out for bridal makeup service in Singapore – for that ‘Midas touch’ to your bridal look!

  • Credentials check : Do a check on the years of experience of the bridal makeup artist so that you know you are working with a seasoned professional who is versatile enough to offer you various styles to suit the look you desire. If you manage to check their credentials it would be easier for you to make an informed choice to secure, if not the best bridal makeup service, at least one that you should be fully satisfied with. So the more thorough your research is, the higher is your chance of getting your perfect makeup artist in Singapore.
  • Look at their testimonials : In researching for the best bridal makeup service, always read through the reviews by their past clients, apart from viewing their works. Beyond achieving the end of making you look radiant and beautiful, you also want to look for a bridal makeup artist who is personable, friendly and is enjoyable to work with. Having an insight to their level of service and personality will better ease you into having an open communication on the kind of bridal makeup service that you need.
  • Work within your budget : While you want to look your best, do also be aware there are various price points for bridal makeup service. Celebrity makeup artists charge a premium due to their portfolio and freshly graduated makeup artists usually charge much lower as they are keen to expand their clientele. Always take into consideration the balance for quality versus the price you are willing to pay. Should you be keen to engage a bridal makeup artist but may not be totally convinced by their portfolio, always request for a makeup trial, even if it is chargeable, usually at a nominal fee of $100 – $200. This will allow you to observe the skills of the bridal makeup artist and gauge how comfortable you are with their style of makeup.



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