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Some great tips for wedding videography in Singapore

The best looking cinematic wedding videos actually begin inside the camera and not outside. Once the wedding video is shot, little can be done later to enrich it. With every correction step that is taken, the charges of the video increases. So, the best way to shoot the best wedding video in Singapore is to get everything right at the moment of the shooting itself.

The first thing that is important is a great camera. Now the complete videography depends on this. Better the camera, better are the pictures and videos shot from it. The camera should be equipped with a large sensor as well. The shallow depth of good cameras is a natural feature that adds to the aesthetics of the shot.

The second feature to consider before choosing the perfect camera is the form factor and the low light performance. There will be times during the shooting when you will not get the appropriate amount of light that is required for the perfect shot. In such times, this feature helps you to get that perfect shot despite low light.

Then comes the choice of lenses. The quality of these should be very high as you need to film a lot of movements in the wedding videography. And, at the same time, the sound quality also needs to be the best to give a great experience. For the quality, use a professional external audio recorder which is bundled with a shotgun or lay mics to get a crisp and clear voice. Even the filters and headphones are important tools to have.

While you can use these tips for wedding videography in Singapore, the main thing that matters is you. How you choose the angles and perception. You will learn through persistence and experience. Also, practice makes a man perfect. These tips will be of no use if you don’t practise them regularly.



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