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Money-saving tips for Gown Rental in Singapore

Wedding Gown in Singapore

For many brides, wedding gown rental in Singapore is the default choice when it comes to planning for their big day as it is more economical and fuss-free. With escalating costs on wedding banquets and renovation for new flats, we’ve put together some money-saving tips for all brides-to-be!

  • Wedding packages vs ala carte: Unless you already have secured different wedding vendors for different services, it is usually more economical to engage a all-in-one wedding boutique where they can provide both wedding dress rental, suit rental, bridal makeup services and even wedding photography and videography in Singapore.

Evening Dress in Singapore

  • Modify rented gowns vs made-to-measure: For most rental of wedding gown in Singapore, it would be cheaper to modify parts of their existing gown design (add off-shoulder drapes or remove certain embellishments) than to make a new one from scratch. So take your time to choose the gown that fits you well so that you can minimize the need for tailoring.
  • Get creative vs out-sourcing: If modifying an existing gown with a tailor is beyond your budget, then get creative! Research on ideas how to work around the gown you’ve selected. Rule of thumb – less is more. Always best to go for a gown rental in Singapore with clean silhouette and minimalistic design, so that you have the option to add say, a bejeweled belt, or a lace bolero or an ethereal chapel veil. Add-ons like these can be purchased easily outside of gown rental shops in Singapore at affordable prices. Just ensure you read past customers’ reviews and pictures with their bridal gown rental before purchasing, especially if buying online.



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