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How to Pop THE QUESTION: Proposal Checklist

So, you are certain that you want to get married. Everything seems perfect and the time is just right. Well, congratulations! But before you get into another chapter of your life, it is of course, necessary to ask THE QUESTION, with the goal of getting a sweet YES. If you are having doubts on how to do it, then we have some tips for you.

To begin with, proposals aren’t exactly a walk in the park. It’s never easy. Otherwise, people would just ask it the same way they would ask ‘How are you?’. While we’ve seen a lot of grand proposals like renting a plane, or a flash mob, this doesn’t mean that you have to do something larger than life as well. It really depends on your partner’s preference. If they want a simple dinner watching free concerts at the park, that’s fine. If they imagine a proposal that might go viral, go ahead. But of course, there are rules that you simply can’t miss.

Do your research

First of all, you have to do your research. By this we mean, you ask your partner the ideal proposal. Maybe you could come up with an out of this world proposal, but is that what she wants? Will that make her happy? The best solution for this is to casually ask about her opinion. Ask about if she wants it grand or modest. Get your ideas from there and try to hit all the right notes.

Now that you have the information, you should next work on the following:

Call up people

You need help, definitely. And what better way to come up with a plan than to involve the special people in your lives. This includes your friends and families. Call them up, ask for small favors so you can execute the proposal the best way possible. For traditional families, ask permission from the parents before you plan the entire thing. This of course, is a sign of respect.   


It is also crucial that you think about the venue. Make sure that it is a special place for the both of you. If your ‘special place’ is too far, then recreate it. Maybe you can do it on your home or other alternative venues. Just be creative and it should do you just fine.


Of course, don’t forget to choose a ring. Ask her girlfriends what she might like and don’t forget where you hid it. You wouldn’t want to say your speech only to find out that you lost the ring. Would you?

Don’t put the ring on the cake!

Speaking of ring, you badly need to read this. You are probably thinking of putting the ring on a piece of cake with high hopes that she’d accidentally bite it. Maybe that will happen, or maybe she’d CHOKE! This is not impossible too. While we’ve seen it in movies and in other proposals, that kind of technique isn’t really safe. If you want something unique, make sure it doesn’t involve hiding the ring on your partner’s food.

You have to practice your speech

It is true that you want your speech to come from the heart and not scripted. But quite frankly, asking a life-changing question can speed up your heartbeat twice, even thrice. Thus, it’s not unusual to forget your lines or to totally blackout. Now, we are not saying that you’re not going to get a YES if this happens. However, if you want to make your proposal as perfect as possible, rehearse your lines. Have an outline. Or write it!

Avoid doing practical jokes

Recently, we’ve seen a viral video of a proposal where the guy pretended that he and his girlfriend were ambushed by a group of armed men. You would hear the lady in fear and in tears only to find out that it was a proposal. Did we like it? No. There are practical jokes that are considered fine and acceptable. But if that involves scaring and giving your partner a heart attack, you better rethink about your plans. It’s not funny and you could get someone arrested, or even killed.

So, this should help you enough for your big plan. Tell us how yours turned out!



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