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Things you need to prepare for a wedding dress fitting

Wedding Fitting

So he bent the knee, and you’ve nodded your approval. Clang goes the wedding bell! However, you can’t rest on your laurels (or is it yanny) yet! One monumental task still stands in your way: getting the perfect wedding dress. I mean, who wouldn’t want to look just absolutely gorgeous on their wedding day? The perfect wedding dress shouldn’t be too loose, nor too tight, and would serve to accentuate all your curves, cover your flaws, and reveal you in all your glory.

But getting a wedding dress isn’t as simple as dropping by any wedding boutique and just pointing out any old dress that catches your eye. In fact, wedding dresses almost never come ready to wear straight from the store. That dress you imagine yourself walking down the aisle in? It’s gonna take some work, gurl! But before you start all the wedding dress fittings, there are some things you should take note to prepare before you begin.

1. Undergarments

When it comes to your wedding dress, every little detail is important. So you should set aside a set of undergarments which you intend to wear on the wedding day, and wear it for your wedding dress fittings. Changing your bra after you’ve altered your dress may cause the dress to fit poorly later on. Additionally, having your undergarments on hand will allow you to gauge the best fit for your dress, especially for your top, if you decide to opt for different styles such as a deep V or a spaghetti strap top.

2. No makeup

Wearing makeup when you’re going for a wedding dress fitting is a terrible idea. Think about it: just a slight brush with your skin, and the dress won’t be white anymore. This may even happen without you realising. If you do find yourself needing to put on some makeup, make sure that it’s a minimal light base makeup, and that you shouldn’t put any on your chin or neck to avoid any mishaps with high dress necklines.

3. Shoes

wedding shoes

Shoes which you wear to the dress fitting, just like undergarments, should be the same pair you intend to wear for your wedding day. For the same reasons as with the undergarments, changing your shoes, especially to a different height, may cause the dress to fit differently than before. As the dressmaker alters the dress to suit every gritty detail, your shoes and undergarments may very well throw them off the measurements for the dress to fit you perfectly, as your posture might be different.

4. Accessories

wedding accessories

























The accessories you may want to wear with your wedding dress should be prepared beforehand and brought to your fitting, such as jewellery, belts, headpieces and even bags. This will allow you to determine what you can match with your outfit for the day itself.

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