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Your wedding is just around the corner and you want to do something that will etch the memories of your pre wedding days forever in your mind. What better way to preserve those memories for lifetime than getting a pre wedding videography done by a professional pre wedding videographer in Singapore. Pre wedding photoshoots have been famous amongst the would-be married couples for a while now, but getting pre wedding videography is the latest trend that is fast catching up amongst many.

A pre wedding videography can benefit you in a lot of way. It can help you get acquainted with each other and also with the photographer if he is also going to shoot your wedding and other wedding relate events in Singapore. These shoots can also be fun activities for the soon to be wed couple and can be also doubled up as romantic dates with each other before the wedding.

Couples nowadays are opting for getting a pre wedding video made and preserving the pre wedding days for a lifetime in reels. Pre wedding videos are emerging out as a great way to tell your story. If you have known each other for a while, then it can tell the story of your courtship days and if you are having an arranged marriage then the pre wedding video can help you get familiar with each other and can tell the story of who you are, how you met etc. A pre wedding video can help you build some excitement for the upcoming wedding. It can be shown to friends and family or even they can be made a part of your pre wedding videography in Singapore.

A pre wedding video is usually made a couple of months leading to the wedding and we focus mostly on capturing the romance that you and your partner share with each other. We select the best picturesque locations for the shoot which will tell your story perfectly. We document every precious memory that you want to be filmed and help you preserve it for a lifetime.

A cinematic style pre wedding video captures the pre wedding days in a very charming and adorable style. Our experienced pre wedding videographers make the idea of pre wedding video shoot more desirable. Our videographers have a detailed discussion with you regarding the filming of the pre wedding video and will finalize a theme that you are most comfortable with. We will setup the shoot based on your convenience and comfort.

Apart from creating beautiful memories of the pre wedding days, a pre wedding video has many other amazing benefits that make this concept even more popular amongst the couples. Some of them are:

  • A pre wedding video helps you relive your courtship days for the rest of your life. the video will help you capture all the precious memories of each other that you have in your courtship period. You can ask the videographer to recreate and capture specific memories that you have at specific places leading to your wedding. These memories can be filmed and preserved for a lifetime. You can recreate the magic that you have in your relation and can capture it on film with the help of a professional pre wedding videographer in Singapore. Most couple tend to forget about the days that lead to their marriage and get busy with their professional and personal lives in the later days of their marriage. A pre wedding video can help you revive the emotions that you had for each other in your courtship days. This can help the relationship improve a lot and keep the spark alive between you and your spouse.
  • Modern day couples also make some kind of electronic invitations and use social media platforms to share it amongst their friends and family. Snippets from your pre wedding video can be used to make a captivating video invite for friends and family. You can also use it for creating different invites like save the date, engagement ceremony and also for the wedding ceremony invite. Create your invite in your own style with extracts from your pre wedding shoot. Our pre wedding videographers can help you create exclusive snippets that can be specifically used for video invitations. Your friends and family will definitely be thrilled to receive this kind of invitation.
  • A pre wedding video can also be used to liven-up the venue of your wedding and engagement. You can ask the organizers to put up a projector screen and play your pre wedding video on it for all the guest to see. This is just a modern thing evolving from the age old concept of having the childhood photos and videos of the bride and groom play as a slideshow on screens at the wedding venue. The modern day couple likes to play their pre wedding videos and photos at the venue. Our pre wedding videographer can help you create a video for your wedding which can include the final production video and also fun moments that happened during the shoot. The guests will be intrigued by such a video and will also keep them occupied for some time.
  • Would-be brides and grooms can use this chance of pre wedding video shoot as a dress rehearsal for their wedding and also to get comfortable in the front of the lens. Most of the people don’t have a professional photoshoot or video shoot experience. The pre wedding shoots allows them to get acquainted with the photographer and get comfortable with the lens. This results in having better photographs during the shoot of the main wedding related events. Pre wedding video shoots can also be a try out for the clothes that the bride and groom will be using for the wedding. This can help you build an idea of what you should wear and how you should carry yourself on your big day.

Forget the normal and routine days that lead to the wedding. Hire us and make your pre wedding days as beautiful as your remaining life is going to be after the wedding. We will ensure that all your requirements are met and that you have a fun filled shoot and an awesome pre wedding video when you work with us.


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