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How to Best Plan Your Dream Destination Wedding

Weddings can be a source of sheer delight and stress for you at the same time. You make sure to plan out the smallest detail in your wedding so that everything can be picture perfect. Having a destination wedding is the perfect way to celebrate your special day.

It can be along a sandy, sunny beach in Mexico, in the natural serenity and beauty of the Bahamas or a glittering sandy beach in Jamaica. All we want is to walk down the aisle, in a beautiful pristine gown, in the perfect setting while soft music plays out in the background and you are surrounded by your loved ones.

But for everything to be perfect, it needs to be planned ahead and following are the ways by which you can remain stress-free during your wedding planning while also get everything done smoothly.

Make Plans in Advance

There are a lot of additional factors that should be considered when planning an overseas wedding. You and your guests would essentially have to make flight bookings, set some budget aside, take leave from their work and much more. Make sure that your guests are made aware of the wedding date and the venue a considerable time before so that they don’t have to plan a last-minute trip or worse miss out your wedding.

Visit the Venue Beforehand

It is better that you visit the venue of your destination wedding beforehand. You can book the venue online and read the reviews about it. But to get a feel of the site and familiarising yourself with the environment is a much better option. As that can help you, later on, to fasten up the planning process.

Plan Your Budget

When making your wedding plans, it is essential that you take into account your budget and the budget of your guests, too. Plan out the total budget for the whole wedding so that you don’t end up spending more than you should have. Also, consider the travelling costs and hotel accommodation costs for your guests. Make sure that you plan it out and see how much it will cost.

Extend your Stay

Once you have had your dream destination wedding, you can make your stay much more romantic and joyous by also having your honeymoon there. Or if you already have a different location for your honeymoon planned then just spend some extra days with your guests, have fun with them, plan out activities with them so that all of you can enjoy and relax together.

Engage a Wedding Photographer

Finding the perfect wedding photographer is the most important part of your wedding planning. The photographs of your wedding will provide you with the perfect gateway, later in life, to reminisce those happy moments. Find a photographer, whose style matches with your personal taste and for that make sure to check out their portfolio. Check out the ways they take photos under different lighting to get an idea of their expertise. Once you have found the perfect photographer make sure to tell them how would you want them to document and capture your wedding in a way that satisfies your taste.

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