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Not just price, there are other reasons behind renting a gown as well

When you will get engaged, you will find yourself in some sort of wedding planning purgatory. Yes, you would want a fairy-tale ball gown dress and a formal evening ceremony….but hold on….you have no clue about the billion-dollar wedding industry of Singapore. Elaborate tablescapes, cocktail hour with better food than dinner, wedding has become much more than that. You will be in crossroad between tradition and feminism and the whole industry will built around customs and amplified magazines, blogs, advertisers etc. But the first thing that you would think about is THE DRESS.

And if you are one of that kind of bride in Singapore, that has no take on fashion, who lacks a secret Pinterest folder in phone then nothing could be a better option than wedding dress rental in Singapore. Not just budget wise, there are several other reasons as to why wedding gown rentals are the best option. For instance,

The stores have wide array of options at one go.

Be it colour, design, work, pattern whatever the rental stores have a huge array of gowns to choose from at one stop. In fact, you might be able to snag a dress by your dream high-end designer that you’d never be able to afford otherwise.

You save on your shelf space

After the wedding, you don’t need to worry about preserving your dress or storing it- you just have to return it where it came from! Hence, you save a lot on your shelf space.

Added Extras

You know how expensive Singapore is becoming day by day. Sometimes when you rent up, you end up getting more bang for your buck, as some the wedding gown rentals in Singapore provide packages where you can get your wedding veil, accessories or shoes as well. This actually saves time and money.

Hassle- Free Destination Weddings

For destination brides, renting could be a very convenient option, as some destination salons allow you to rent and get it parcelled at your destination. No need to worry on packing and flying it while keeping it wrinkle-free.

BTW, Aren’t these points worth pondering?



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