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What should my man considers when he is on the lookout for his wedding suit?

What should my man consider when he is on the lookout for his wedding suit?

Most of the time, you’d see articles online about how a bride should choose her wedding gown or wedding dress. But of course, brides are not the only ones that must look good on the big day. Grooms must be at their best too. They need to choose the right wedding suit to look dashing and that is why we created this list.

Your groom’s guide on choosing the right wedding suit

Below are some of the best tips for your groom when selecting his suit.

Plan 6 months before  

Generally, your groom should plan his wedding suit ahead of time. Six months before is actually a good window. But you also have to consider your wedding date. If it is the peak season, then your fiancé might want to look for a suit even earlier.

Decide if you will rent or buy

You also have to check your budget. We all know that wedding suits aren’t the cheapest ensembles. However that doesn’t mean your fiancé should look ‘cheap’ if you both have tight budget, since you can actually rent a wedding suit instead of purchasing one! This way, both of you can look amazing while staying on the budget.

If you have a higher budget, then buying a suit is within the choice too. A word of recommendation would be to get something practical that could still be used for other formal events after the wedding.

What type of wedding suit should your fiancé get?

It is crucial to consider the theme of your wedding so that your husband to be can choose the perfect garments. Are you looking for a tailcoat, a tuxedo, or a three-piece suit? If you do not have an idea which ones to use for your big day, then working with professionals can definitely help.

Level of comfort

Also, you have to think about comfort. Your wedding and the reception can take hours and just like you, your fiancé will do a lot of entertaining as well. Ensure he is comfortable to walk freely around without feeling restricted by his suit. Having a suit tailor-made for him will ensure maximum comfort too!

Visualize it with your wedding gown

It would be ideal to get a wedding suit that perfectly matches your wedding gown.

While you need to look good individually, a wedding means both of you are coming together as one. Thus, choosing the right wedding suit that pairs well with your gown will definitely create an impact.


Remember how much time you spent choosing your wedding gown? The same thing will definitely apply to your fiancé’s wedding suit! It takes careful planning, and we recommend you engage professionals to get expert advice on the suit that will best fit your fiancé.

At Malena Bridal, you can find the best wedding suits tailored for your fiancé, whether for rental or purchase. Get complimentary fitting and consultation session today by making an appointment with us.




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