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How to keep your love alive during the wedding planning

Weddings are, without a doubt, one of the highlights of most people’s lives. And the highlight isn’t just the wedding itself, but also the days leading up to it. Which is to say, the planning stages. However, as exciting planning a wedding can be, it usually is also very stressful. There are so many things to take note of and to settle, from picking themes and venues to the guest list, and sometimes the stress may cause stress fractures to occur between you and your partner.

The best way to prevent these stress fractures is to actively keep the love alive between the both of you. As overwhelming as the planning can be, do remember to make your partner feel loved and appreciated nonetheless. After all, you’re MERELY gonna spend the rest of your life with this person.

Here’s how you can keep the flame alive even during your wedding planning.

1. Make a wedding calendar

One way to deal with stress is to get organized. Aside from the physical aspect of it, this includes planning how you’re going to spend your days and weeks, and to make concrete schedules to follow.

Thus, a wedding calendar will help you keep a clear head in your planning, and will also be able to lower your stress levels. You can dedicate some time to hit the gym, planning your wedding, going to work, and some leisure time for your family and friends.

Additionally, you can also schedule a few days where you take a break from any wedding planning duties, and just spend time relaxing with your partner.

2. Be honest about finances

Marriage is the union of two parties, and everything between them is shared. This means that you shouldn’t keep your thoughts and feelings to yourself, no matter how uncomfortable you feel about sharing.

Even if you don’t want to do it, it is actually crucial that you and your partner have a proper discussion to come up with a budget for your wedding. Be frank with each other about how much you earn, owe and have saved, to come up with a reasonable budget so that you don’t spend out of your means.

This helps build a strong foundation for after your marriage, strengthening your communication skills.

3. Communicate

Not merely communicating, but talking about your relationship and your thoughts will help keep your love going strong. Reminisce on your shared moments, and highlights in your relationships such as when you first met, or even about your favourite memories together.

Moreover, you can also discuss on what type of marriage you’d like to have, and to go through your marriage vows together.

4. Exercise together

Signing up together as a couple at the gym will improve and strengthen your relationship, as you both motivate and encourage each other with a bit of friendly competition to get fit together.

Not only do you get to relieve stress when you exercise, as your body releases endorphins to improve your mood, you also get to build the perfect body for your wedding day. I mean, who doesn’t want to look their best at their wedding?

5. Date night

Date nights are usually the best part of the relationship. Although planning the wedding, and going for tastings together may be an extremely fun way to spend time together with your partner, these aren’t really counted.

Date nights should be about having no-frills fun, doing anything that doesn’t involve you trying to check things off your wedding checklist. This should be a time of fun and relaxation while giving you the opportunity to build your relationship even more.

6. Plan a short getaway

You don’t need to wait until your honeymoon for a romantic getaway with your partner. Just a short one or two-day trip to a neighbouring country can also be a great way to just escape the dreariness of daily life and plunge yourselves into an adventure. Not only is this a good opportunity to relieve stress, but you can also deepen your bonds with your partner and build sexual and emotional chemistry.

7. Be patient with the small stuff

If you’re living together with your partner, it wouldn’t do for you to quarrel and argue over little things like the bathroom lights, or the dishes. Learn to be patient with each other’s flaws and let go of the little things, and this will help you to appreciate each other better while preventing unnecessary friction from occurring.

8. Take up a hobby together

Just like going to the gym together, you and your partner can strengthen your love and romance during the planning phase by picking up a new hobby together. It could range from languages, sports, instruments or dance, which both of you will look forward to. This promotes teamwork and reliance on each other, which is definitely great things to have in a marriage.

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