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How to Save Costs for Actual Day Wedding Photography

Many wedding couples tend to budget the bulk of their wedding expenses on booking of their banquet venue, hoping to host their guests in a luxurious place with delish culinary experience. However, it is equally important to set aside a budget to hire the right professional for your actual day wedding photography, as your photographs would be the only lasting memory of this important day for years to come.

  • Look for actual day wedding package that includes actual day photography service: As per all retail offers, it will usually be cheaper if you top up a fee to hire an actual day photographer in Singapore from your bridal boutique than to engage a freelance wedding photographer. To ensure their quality, you can always request to meet up with the actual day photographer for a discussion beyond viewing their portfolio.
  • Pre-wedding and Actual Day Photography service: Engage the same photographer for both your pre wedding photography as well as for your actual day wedding photography, provided you have done ample research and is comfortable to work with the photographer for both your destination pre-wedding photography and actual day wedding photography . Usually the photographer will be willing to give a better price for a bundle package of both services.
  • Arrange your wedding on off-peak seasons:  While there isn’t any particular peak period for destination pre wedding photography, there are such seasons for actual day weddings. Typically actual day photographers in Singapore are busy from June till December, except the lunar seventh month, which usually falls in August. Planning your actual day wedding outside of these popular months can help you avoid peak period rates when engaging actual day photographers.
  • Weekdays instead of Weekends: Similar to planning pre wedding shoots in Singapore, having weddings on weekdays can also allow you to save a significant amount not only in engaging actual day photographer, but also in terms of car rental, venue rental etc. Typically weekday weddings are lunch receptions, where you only need to hire the actual day photographer for half a day instead of one full day as well.



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