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How to find the perfect evening gown for my wedding?

Evening Dress Rental in Singapore

Finding the perfect evening gown for your wedding is not as difficult as some may think. With proper research, it is possible to understand your body shape and sieve through various wedding gown collections in Singapore to find ‘The One’.

You may be wondering, how should you get started on your research – find a boutique first? Or source online for designs of evening gown collection that appeals to you? Fret not, we have a few handy tips to ease your dilemma~

  • Know your body shape: Consult experienced personnel such as tailors, wedding boutique consultants or find out from body charts available online to know your body shape. This will allow you to make better choices when shortlisting the type of evening gown collection that flatters your figure most. For example, while many brides love mermaid gowns, it may not suit brides who are bottom-heavy/ pear-shaped.

Evening Gown Rental Singapore

  • Know your skin tone: Are you tan or fair-skinned? More warm or cool-toned? For active, sporty brides who are tan, go for evening gown collections in warmer tones such as red, peach, coral, amber, champagne and gold. For fair-skinned brides, they can opt for evening gown collections in cool tones such as blue, purple, green, magenta or soft shades such as dove grey, blush and dusty blues.

Bridal Gown Singapore

  • Know your desired activity: Evening gowns are usually worn for brides to walk around with ease so they can take photographs with their guests during their wedding reception. Some fun-loving brides even planned for surprise dance performances. So the nature of the bride’s activity also affects the choice of the evening gown.  Generally, gowns with detachable train, or with front-short to long-back trains are popular for brides who desire maximum mobility and comfort.



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