Tips to get sleep before your Wedding day for Perfect Wedding Photography

How to get sleep the night before your wedding day?

The pre-wedding day jitters and stress can get intense. After all, after what seemed like an eternity of planning on your excel sheet, your big day is finally approaching in just a few hours time. How does one even get some sleep just before one of the biggest day in your life?

Here are some tips from various sleep experts:

1. Avoid gadgets that emit blue light
Avoid using your phone, tablet or laptop late at night, as these gadgets emit blue light, which is widely believed to delay the production of the sleep hormone, melatonin.

2. Steer clear of food and drinks containing stimulants
Steer clear of food and drinks that contain stimulants. These include food and drinks like chocolate, tea and anything containing spices. Even moderate doses of these stimulants can block sleep neurotransmitters, causing insomnia.

3. Have a warm bath
Doctors suggest calming your mind with a hot bath before your bed time, which increases your body’s core temperature. When your step out from a hot bath into a cooler bedroom, your body’s temperature will drop. The drop in temperature signals your body that it is time to rest, slowing down your heart rate and other metabolic functions.

Adding the scent of lavender to your bath can truly let the calming effect sink in.

4. Sleep on a luxurious bed linen

Prepare your bedding with natural cotton bedlinen, which is smooth and soft against your skin. Cotton bed linen also has natural properties that may help you keep cool, thus lowering your body’s temperature.

5. Get a soft massage

A soft massage can do wonders in helping you to sleep. Studies have shown that massages increase serotonin, a natural mood stabiliser. An increase in serotonin will result in an increase in melatonin, and helps our circadian rhythms to reset.

6. Listen to sounds that aid sleep

Head to YouTube and search for “white noise”. As counter-intuitive as it may sound, white noise actually helps some people to sleep better. White noise works by drowning out the disruptive sounds that might wake us up, and because the sound is steady but unpredictable, it gently captivates our attention without requiring any real focus.



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