Finding The Perfect Wedding Gowns Singapore

How to find my perfect wedding gown

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Every girl dreams of the day where they walk down the isle in that perfect wedding gown. One that drapes smoothly on their body, accentuate their curves and hides any flaws. One that is unique, turns heads, allows them to shine without stealing the limelight. The question is… how does one finding the perfect wedding gowns?

  • Plan your budget:  For a premium price, you would have the option of having the perfect wedding gowns, bespoke fashion. However, wedding expenses do include more than just your unique wedding gown. Once you have set aside a budget for gown rental or purchase, stick to it and discuss with your wedding boutique coordinator or gown tailor on ways you can get your gown within your financial means.
  • Start Pinning: Just search on the words “the perfect wedding gown Singapore” and you can easily find many beautiful, unique designs on Pinterest. Though not all the gowns may be available locally, it still serves as a good reference on style, design and type of embellishments when you need to discuss with your wedding boutique consultant or tailor for your perfect wedding gowns in Singapore.


  • Recognize your assets and flaws: The perfect wedding gowns are not one that has the most embellishments, nor one that has the longest train in any wedding boutique in Singapore. It is one that accentuates your assets and hides your flaws. Naturally, not everyone will look like a supermodel, and that is why gowns are available in various designs. Learn to appreciate your figure and look for the best wedding dress that complements how you look. E.g. to conceal a thicker waistline, brides can always opt for ball gowns, paired with an off-shoulder neckline so that they can still show off their décolletage for a playful hint of sexiness.
  • Keep an open mind: In order to find a unique wedding gown, one has to be open to try different styles. Be receptive to the recommendations from bridal gowns shop consultants and try styles that may be less conventional, and out of your comfort zone. Who knows, you may just chance upon your perfect wedding gown by chance!



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