Features of Malena Bridal’s 2017 new collection – Allure and Addiction - Malena Bridal Haute Couture

Features of Malena Bridal’s 2017 new collection – Allure and Addiction

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Regal yet vulnerable, bold yet unassuming. That is the duo-character of our new collection – Allure and Addiction. Taking inspirations from the beauty of nature and swans, the collections aims to bring out the exotic, mysterious and alluring sides of our brides.

When you put on our Allure & Addiction collection, you will feel different; you will feel rebelliously beautiful and distinctive. Here are some of the main features of this collection:

1. 3D floral appliques

Malena Bridal - White Gown Collection

Three-dimensional blooming details breathe fresh air into the dress designs, adding major visual impact to the overall look. With romantic flowers popping off an array of silhouettes, these dainty embellishments gives off a vibe that is regal and venerable.

2. Illusion necklines

Malena Bridal - White Gown Collection

The illusion neckline on these dresses allows the bride to pull off the soft and feminine look, while also discreetly sexy. If you have to define classy elegance, this is it.

3. Weightless volume

Malena Bridal - Evening Gown Collection

Using the latest fabric techniques, the dresses manage to achievement dramatic volume while remaining lightweight. This results in a look that is glamorous, feminine and romantic.



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