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Timeless Allure with Jimmy Choo's The Atelier

This July, we would like to invite you to our Timeless Allure with Jimmy Choo's The Atelier experience at our boutique, where you and your partner can try on spectacular gowns and suits and have a direct complimentary consultation service with our Gown Designer and Wedding Stylist!

Any packages signed during the event will also instantly entitle you to Love Nest Instalment Plan and Love Nest Cash Lucky Draw happening in August 2020!*

*Terms & Conditions apply.

Event Details:

  • Date: 18th & 19th July 2020
  • Time: 12pm – 7pm
  • Venue: Malena Bridal Boutique, Love Nest City Gate

First 10 couples who RSVP for the event also get a FREE upgrade to The Atelier Gown by Jimmy Choo*, so hurry RSVP your slot now!

*Only couples who receive the confirmation mail will be allowed entry.

Limited slots available, RSVP now!

Our Pre-Wedding Photography Style

At Malena Bridal, we focus on telling the love story between our couples. Instead of getting couples into “posed” shots or prioritising the details of the weddings, we aim to capture the genuine interactions between the two, because this is what will matter in years to come.

Our pre-wedding photography style is thus, a love story with candid, spontaneous pictures that showcase the love, passion, promises, memories, raw emotions and true happiness between the would-be husband and wife.

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Our gown collections

Crystal Design

Originating from the 80s of the XX century, the Crystal Design dress is an embodiment of striking elegance and a kind of masterpiece that skilfully emphasises all the charm of a woman’s silhouette.

The unequivocal waiver of standards and patterns, and the dedicated focus on details and exclusively handmade decoration of each dress, are why the Crystal Design brand is one of the most prestigious brands in the world right now.

Get the chance to try on these luxurious gowns by Crystal Design! RSVP now!


Internationally world-renowned bridal designer, Madeline Gardner, is the one behind the brand Morilee. Her expert knowledge of wedding fashion, combined with her natural flare for beautiful details, has allowed her to produce only the most gorgeous dresses.

Morilee’s wedding dresses have turned heads and dropped jaws at millions of weddings throughout the world. Lucky brides who get to wear these gorgeous works of art would often thank her for making their dresses.

Get the chance to try on these gorgeous gowns by Madeline! RSVP now!

Pollardi Fashion Group

Ask any celebrities in Hollywood and they would tell you that the wedding dresses from Pollardi Fashion Group would be one of their top choices. The brand has also appeared in Cannes Film Festival, Milan Wedding Week and Paris Fashion Week, making it one of the most prestigious brands in wedding fashion.

Constantly breaking boundaries and weaving excitement and life into their wedding dresses, it is no wonder that every bride-to-be wants their wedding gown to be from Pollardi Fashion Group.

Have your very own fashion runway with Pollardi Fashion Group’s wedding dresses. RSVP now!

About Malena Bridal

Since 2015, Malena Bridal has been setting new trends in the industry with gowns that are contemporary and fashion-forward, and photography styles that are aesthetically pleasing with emotions and soul.

Malena Bridal provides local and overseas pre-wedding photography services, rental and purchase of gowns and suits, made-to-measure gowns, bridal makeup and wedding day photography and videography.

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Why choose Malena Bridal?

You want a unique and special wedding
You only want the best for your big day
You want to be able to make your decisions without being overly pressured by sales tactic
You strongly believe in paying for quality
You are tired of dodgy tactics that some bridal shops apply to sucker more money out of you


We are one of the most consistently 5-star rated bridal boutiques in Singapore. Read on to find out why.

Every piece was exquisite and unique, and honestly, I was spoiled for choices! I was impressed that they allow me to actually try the gowns, unlike many out there who will only allow you to try upon signing their package.

The service was impeccable and Malena & Sally were really patience in helping me to find the perfect gown. They have eyes for details, and really sharp in knowing what I was looking for. The decision to choose Malena Bridal for my actual day gowns is the best decision throughout the wedding planning. I must admit I am a perfectionist and I always dreamed of being a princess on my wedding day, Malena & Sally made my dream came true.

Your passion, impeccable service level and dedication made you stand out from the rest.


“ I highly recommend Malena Bridal, we had a really good experience with them. Malena, Joyce, and Zoey were very professional and experienced. It helped that Malena and Joyce were dancers as well as they could give us advice on the gowns that will be suitable for our dance (we had a mini dance performance for our guests).

They were really nice and allowed me to try on some gowns before deciding to engage them. This was very different from other bridal studios that I have been to as most of the others require you to sign before trying on. They were also very professional in the sense that they allow you to give your feedback and feelings on the gowns you've tried and not try to push you to get gowns that you may not like.

Thank you Malena, Joyce, and Zoey for everything!!


11 months of journey with Malena Bridal until my actual day wedding was a smooth one. Their one stop bridal boutique save me a lot of coordination so I can focus on other area of my wedding planning. From PWS to AD fitting was always a private session that I do not need to feel uneasy while choosing my gowns. They give good advise on what kind of style I suit that will bring the attitude out from me from the kind of photoshoot location I have chosen. Their MUA also plan meticulously with the look that will match the style of the gown that I chose.

I have no regrets from engaging them for my big day project as the service they provide have achieved a different level compared to other bridal boutique


Malena Bridal was so much more helpful as compared to the other shop that I have visited even though I have not even committed to any of their services. During my first appointment, I met Sally who gladly showed me their collections and also allowed me to try their gowns ( the first shop did not allow fitting before signing up).

The aftersales services were excellent as well. During my fitting sessions, I had the whole place to myself, it was the entire level 2, where privacy was ensured. Their in-house seamstress, Lynn was very professional, she gave practical suggestions and created a very daring look for my evening gown by adding more hand sew beads to create a sexy yet modest look. She was sincere and created extra work for herself so that I could look best in the selected dresses.

Special Special thanks to Joyce, my bridal specialist. She was with me from the first fitting, alteration, trail make-up and finally to my actual day. She was very patient and unassuming. She was open to my suggestions for my desired look and also gave her professional opinion to create a look that would be complemented by the gowns.

Our guest and I loved the gowns I wore and I'd received many praises for the hair and makeup. Thank you so much, you were no less tired than me :P

I will highly recommend Malena Bridal for their willingness to go the extra mile and of cause! their very lovely gowns!


Malena Bridal Couture’s curated services of gowns, photography and make-up gave us the wedding of our dreams. They are not your run-of-the-mill bridal studios and I truly feel they deserve customers who appreciate their eye for beauty and excellence


I took up pre-wedding shoot, actual day photography, videography and gowns from Malena Bridal. Rather than sourcing for freelancers myself, I've chosen to opt for an one-stop package from a bridal studio. Malena is not the cheapest bridal studio but nothing beats having a peace of mind when it comes to the most important event in your life that you can't re-do. I have to say that the quality was splendid for every component (I am quite particular and quite a fussy customer to deal with). Our guests and I have high praises for the gowns I wore and the photos and video that were produced. Special thanks to Sally, Joyce and Malena for patiently making extra effort for us. Their attention to details has made our wedding journey a really memorable one

I will highly recommend Malena to any brides-to-be!


Malena bridal has gorgeous gowns- I received great compliments for all my 3 gowns. The white gown for its super long & elaborate train, my kua for it accentuates the curves, and the evening gown for its princessy vibes. I am certain that brides-to-be will be spoilt for choice here!


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