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So you have a big evening coming up in Singapore and are confused what to wear? Every woman faces this dilemma on a daily basis if she has a busy social calendar. You as woman, have two choices, buy the dress or be smart and rent out evening gowns or dresses for the occasion. Evening gown rental services like Malena bridal have a huge collection of evening gowns and dresses to suit all choices and occasions in Singapore. Evening gown and dress rentals have their own advantage. Which may range from saving a lot of money to not being struck with a dress that you don’t want to wear again on another occasion because you already wore that on a recent evening.

Every woman wants to have an elaborate wardrobe full of latest trending dresses and accessories and wants to keep adding to it so that she can always have something new and exclusive to wear on every occasion. Women are famous for impulsively buying dresses, shoes and other accessories just because they might use it sometime. This process is always expensive and can block a lot of your hard earned money inside your wardrobe. But have you asked yourself if that is a smart choice to make? You may spend hours and hundreds of dollars to buy an evening gown or dress which you may utmost use a couple of times, after which you may not want to wear it again. The smart choice to make in Singapore is to opt for evening gown and dress rental service. By choosing to take evening dress and gowns on rent in Singapore, you can be assured that you have something new and trendy to wear on every occasion without the hassles of having to spend hundreds of dollars in buying the dress and then on its cleaning and maintenance.

The trend of renting out evening gowns and dresses in Singapore is fast catching up and modern day women are letting off the stigma attached to this concept. This trend is now becoming fashionable and desirable amongst woman due to evening gown and dress rental services in Singapore like Malena Bridal. We have the best collection of dresses to suit every occasion and every choice, and we stress highly on the hygiene factor. We make sure that we maintain the highest hygiene standards for the dresses that we give out on rent. We have a stringent hygiene and quality control procedure, so you as a woman interested in renting out evening gown and dresses from us can be assured that you get the best at the most competitive and affordable price.

Fashion keeps on changing, so investing on a dress that is in fashion today but may definitely become obsolete with the fast changing trends, is not a very good idea. It may block a lot of money of yours and also a lot of your precious wardrobe space. Buying latest dresses for an evening is never a smart idea as buying clothes is never an investment. It will never appreciate in value, rather it will only depreciate in value as the trends change faster than we would anticipate it to. The longer you will own them and keep them it your wardrobe, the more they will depreciate in value and become outdated. So, the smart choice to make here is to rent out evening dresses and gowns that will match every occasion.

Many women like to rent out evening gowns and dresses because they don’t like to repeat the dresses that they have already worn, and what better option that renting out one. When you rent out a dress then you don’t have to worry about its cost, you just have to take care of the rent for a day. You also don’t have to worry about the cleaning and maintenance of the expensive dress that you took on rent because most of the dress rental services in Singapore like us will cover the cleaning and maintenance part free of cost. Your closet can always be in style if you decide to rent out the dresses that you want to wear on various occasions. The latest trends may obviously be expensive, but can be rented out for a fraction of the price of the dress.

It’s not only about the evening dress or gown that you want to wear on a particular evening, it is also about the matching jewelry, shoes, purses and other accessories. There are store that rent out matching accessories and shoes along with the dress so that you can look chic and complete with all the matching accessories and attire. Again, buying and storing all kinds of accessories doesn’t make any sense unless you are going to use it again and again. Most women don’t like to repeat dresses and accessories. So, renting makes perfect sense in this case too. You can also opt to rent out only the accessories that you might want to wear on the evening with the clothes that you already own. Having different accessories every time will also make you feel more confident about your dress even if you are repeating it from some other occasion. It will compliment the dress and make you look different and wearing the right accessories can really enhance your outfit.

We at Malena Bridal understand the pulse of the modern day woman and their requirement of being presentable at all the occasions. We understand the need that you have to dress up for an evening. We always stock up on the latest and the best designer and normal evening gowns and dresses for you to select from. We ensure that you have something new and trendy to wear on every occasion. Put your trust in us to dress you perfectly for the evening in Singapore.


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