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Elaborate and Elegant

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The kwa’s red colour symbolises luck, happiness and blessings

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Even before brides started to wear white, Chinese brides, especially those from southern China, favoured the kwa, a striking red two-piece traditional wedding dress. Traditionally, a bride was supposed to wear the kwa in the morning to await the groom. But many brides now wear the kwa during the traditional tea ceremony. Malena Bridal Haute Couture is one boutique that brides can rely on for beautiful and elegant kwa for the tea ceremony. Their kwa was specially flown in from Guangzhou, China, and every motif was hand-sewn with gold and silver threads. 

Superb Workmanship

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The kwa’s motifs of dragons, phoenix and flowers also highlight the superb workmanship.The gown of Malena’s kwa fits most brides as the skirt has an adjustable strap. The top jacket tapers at the sides to create a slimmer silhouette.

Holistic Bridal Styling

Malena Bridal Haute Couture takes pride in overall bridal styling. 

Beyond renting out the kwa, they also provide in-house makeup and hairstyling services, as well as rental of complementing accessories,  to ensure bride looks fresh, youthful and modern. Accessories for the kwa range from dainty butterfly hairpins to an elaborate palm-size headpiece that covers the entire back or front of the head. Malena provides auspicious-looking dragon and phoenix golden bangles, a golden pig necklace symbolising fertility and matching red kwa heels.

For brides looking for simpler but no less charming options, Malena also provides different styles of qipao (body-hugging one piece Chinese dress).


malena bridal haute couture

a: 93 Soo Chow Walk, S575386

t: +65 6455-2291

m: +65 9669-4307

e: love@malenabridal.com




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