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5 Things to Do After Saying “Yes”

You finally said “yes”, and your heart is overwhelmed with joy and happiness! You’re getting married and having a wedding! But wait a minute: what should you do next? Here are 5 things you need to do.

  1. Share the good news with your loved ones!

Spread the joy and tell your family and friends about it. Start with your parents because I think they deserve to be the first to know, then your close family members and friends. Don’t let them find out about it on Facebook because they’ll be mad at you for not telling them personally!

  1. Set your budget

Once you have soaked in the happiness, it’s time to get down to serious business. You (by that, I mean as a couple) need to decide on the kind of wedding you can afford. Sure, you want the “wedding of the century”, but should you spend all your savings for just one day? Or should you set aside money for other important matters such as buying a home? Remember, marriage is forever. We’re not saying not have a wedding at all, but it is always prudent to strike a balance.

Moreover, you can still have a fabulous wedding even if your budget is tight. For example, plan the wedding yourself instead of hiring a wedding planner, or get your friends to chip in to make your own wedding favours.

  1. Pick a wedding date

You’ll most certainly have to answer the question, “When’s the wedding?” when you tell people you’re getting married, so you have to pick a date. If you can’t decide on one, at least have the month in mind. Some parents may consult a fortune teller to pick an auspicious date or want to avoid certain periods such as the ghost month, so you’ll have to work all these in. While occasions such as Valentine’s Day may sound like a good idea, you’ll quickly learn that it’s almost impossible to book a wedding venue on such a day.

  1. Pick a venue

Do you want a traditional church wedding (if you’re a Christian) plus a 10-course Chinese dinner? Or do you prefer somewhere more exotic or imaginative? Do keep in mind that wedding dinners at popular hotels have long waiting lists, so you need to book way in advance. Whatever your choice, keep in mind the budget you have set with your future spouse.


  1. Shop for your dream wedding gown

Here comes your favourite bit –shop for your perfect wedding gown! If you need advice on how to pick the perfect one, we have written a piece entitled “Finding the Perfect Wedding Gown. If in doubt, just give us a call, and we’ll help you find that dream wedding dress!

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