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5 Bridal Makeup Ideas for 2019

Natural Radiant Glow

This timeless look exudes elegance and makes one look effortlessly gorgeous and radiant by highlighting your facial features and to proffer a dewy, healthy-looking complexion. Highlighters, bronzers, moisturizing foundations and cream blushes are your trusty tools to achieve this look, and the aim is to highlight one to two features instead of caking the entire face with the product. This minimalist combination achieves a monumental effect of making you look naturally dreamy and enthralling.

Feminine Pinkish Hue

This look portrays one of soft femininity and sweet innocent charm. It may be subtle, but nevertheless enchanting and romantic – an ideal look that reflects the magical day it is meant for. The trick to picking the right blush shade is to understand your skin undertone. For instance, if you have warm undertones, you might want to go for warmer pinks such as Peach and Corals, whereas if you have cool undertones you might want to go for pastels like a soft Rose or Watermelon Pink. Of course, this is not a hard and fast rule, so take the time to experiment and figure it out, it makes all the difference. On top of that, a matching pink gloss and eyeshadow are the perfect complementaries to complete this look.

Metallic Shimmer

This is a more intrepid and striking look that depicts sophistication and a strong femininity. The smoky eyes give the effect of mystery and self-possession, while the additional shimmer on your lips make it appear luscious, full and tantalizing. A statement look that is modern and chic, it is sure to leave a deep impression on your guests. Dark and rich colours, are crucial to achieve this glamorous look. Think Mahogany, Burgundy, Wine, Plum, Mauve, Indigo, Emerald; you get my point.

Bold Lips with Minimal Eye Makeup

More of a recent and nascent trend, this makeup look emphasises a full and perfect pout by taking a notch down on the eye makeup, more specifically, lining the eyes as naturally as possible for the Barely-there Eyeliner look. The result is a clean-looking makeup that brings all the focus to your beautiful lips, which is perfect for those that do not want a heavy-handed look yet not want to give up vividness and colour. The tip is lip-lining and finding your perfect lip colour, preferably one that is matte or has a light sheen, to create that gorgeous and sensuous pout.

Glitter and Sparkle

Glitters and sparkles are whimsical and expressive, making it a playful element and creative addition to your makeup, thus ideal for mavericks who are more artistic and free-spirited. This eye-catching and enthralling style is not only fun to visualize and design, suited to your own idiosyncratic self, it would also most definitely make you stand out. The crucial thing is, however, to find the right balance. You don’t want it haphazardly all over your face, which would definitely turn your face into a disco ball. In this case, focus it onto one facial feature, and a little goes a long way to make you gleam and scintillate tastefully and exquisitely.



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