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4 Common Mistakes in Wedding Planning

Tips and advice for avoiding perils when it comes to your Special Day

1. Overstepping Your Budget

Your Budget is probably one of the most important and encompassing part of your wedding to plan for. FIrst of all, how much would your parents give, and how much do you have to spare for your wedding? Figuring out your monetary resource would help you to ensure a smoother and more well-planned wedding as it is the bedrock upon which all your decisions lie upon. For instance, given your budget, how many guests can you invite comfortably? How much of it can do to the different aspects of wedding, such as hiring a photographer, wedding planner, venue and full – service catering, Wedding dress and grooming, so on and so forth. You don’t want to not know your budget and end up exceeding what you can afford, or be wasteful when your hard-earned money could have been saved.

2. Planning Important Details before the Guest List

Another important detail to have a good sense of at the early stages of planning, next to your budget, is your Guest List. It is what determines most of the other crucial details in your planning, such as venue and catering, so definitely have a good idea of it before proceeding to the rest of the details. The last thing you want is to put down a non-refundable deposit on a venue that could only fit half the amount of the number of guests who RSVP-ed after, or a venue that could potentially fit everyone but is too cramped for your guests to feel comfortable. Henceforth, it is essential to discuss with you partner (and perhaps both your parents) the number of guests to be invited before moving on to other elements, such as catering and venue budget, seating arrangements, gifts and whatnot. This also depends if you and your partner are looking for a quieter and more intimate event, or a big splashy bash.

3. Doing Everything Yourself

There are many reasons why some might want to oversee and do everything yourself, perhaps it’s to ensure uniqueness, or perhaps to be as thrifty as possible. However, taking on too many projects and having a never-ending to-do list for your wedding might be more detrimental than what you hope to achieve from doing everything by yourself; it could stress you out excessively and take up a bulk of your time and mental energy which could be put to better use. Just pick a couple of ideas and projects that means the most to you to work on, and outsource the rest. It might cost you a little more, but it will save you the excessive stress and hecticness (which will help you look your best on your wedding day) by letting someone take over the burden. As long as it’s within your budget, It might be a good idea to research and find a wedding planner that is creative, experienced, and better yet, able to cover most aspect of your wedding planning at a reasonable quotation. Be clear about what you want, and then trust the team to produce the desired result for you with their expertise and gumption.

4. Signing a Contract that is Ambiguous

Venue and Catering is probably the most expensive contract you will sign for your wedding, and also happens to be the most vital part of your wedding experience for yourself and your guests. So get whatever that you discussed and negotiated with the vendors in writing so that it is indisputable between parties. It is a good idea to be meticulous and detailed when it comes to ensuring the contract is comprehensive and specific. Visualize the event and experience and think of possible things to add into the contract: what food/courses are included, alcohol brands and drinks variety, possible caveats and additional charges, so on and so forth.

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