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Advantages of Wedding Gown Rental in Singapore

Every would-be bride dreams of a fairytale wedding for her. She picturizes herself walking down the aisle in the most exquisite wedding dress to marry the man of her dreams. You as a bride certainly deserve to wear the dress of your dreams on your wedding day. And by now you might have also figured out the kind of dress that you want to wear and will be on a lookout for a the where you can pick it up from.

Have you considered renting out that dream wedding gown for yourself from the top bridal shop in Singapore? We at Malena Bridal offer the best wedding gown rental service in Singapore and are happy to save some of your time and money that you might spend on selecting an expensive wedding gown for yourself in Singapore. We also save you a lot of anxiety as we have the best stylist in Singapore at our bridal shop to help you make that decision and any fitting that needs to be done on the wedding gown to make you look your best on your big day.

Let us discuss about the advantages of opting for a wedding gown rental service in Singapore:

• Saves you thousands of dollars
Weddings are an expensive affair and people tend to splurge beyond their set budget, in fact weddings can cost you tens of thousands of dollars for setting up the venue, the flower decoration that you want, the giveaways, the food etc. All the things that seem little at the time of spending add up to a huge amount at the last. Wedding gown is one of such things which cost a lot in Singapore. And average bride spends thousands of dollars just for a dress that she is going to wear for a couple of hours and would then be never using it, again spending hundreds of dollars for its upkeep over the next years to come. Going to a top bridal shop in Singapore and selecting a wedding gown for rent to be used on the wedding day saves a lot of money, not only in the one-time purchase cost, but also due to the fact that you can return the dress after your wedding and not having to spend money on a yearly basis for its proper upkeep. So, deciding to opt for a wedding gown rental service from Singapore’s top bridal shop will help you save a lot of money.

• Marriage is more about love and less about the dress
If you are a traditional bride who tends to well up on the sentimental value of owning the wedding dress and saving it for a lifetime, then this is the statement that you need to consider. Isn’t marriage all about the love that you want to share with the man you have decided to get married to? The role of the wedding dress is limited to the ceremony which will bind you in holy vows with the love of your life and then it would just occupy a good portion of your wardrobe for the remaining lifetime. So save yourself the hassle of splurging on that wedding dress and then having to take care of it for a lifetime and decide to rent yourself a wedding gown from a top bridal shop in Singapore.

• A rental dress is always the latest in style
You might have been following the latest trends and might be well aware of the latest style of dresses that brides are preferring for their weddings. You might have even visited top bridal shops in Singapore and drooled over the latest collection of such dresses and in all probabilities their price tags might have forced you to take a step back and think if you actually want to spend that much money on a wedding dress which you can easily rent out if you decide to opt for a wedding gown rental service in Singapore rather than buying one. Wedding gown rental services in Singapore always stock themselves up with the latest collection. They understand the requirements of would-be brides and also understand that they need to provide the latest in trend to stay in business. So you can be assured that even if you find it difficult to find that latest trendy wedding gown that you saw in the latest edition of any haute couture magazine at the top bridal shops in Singapore, you are more in luck to find them at a wedding gown rental service.

• Renting options are available for everyone
As a bride it’s your special day and you might think that why should only I make a decision to save some money and opt for a wedding gown rental. Well, you can also bring along your bridesmaids, the groom’s best men and and the groom himself to rent out that classy tuxedo that he wanted for his wedding. Practically speaking, the dresses of bridesmaids and best men collectively cost significantly more than what it costs for the wedding gown for the bride and the tuxedo for the groom. So, it is always a good idea to bring them along to a wedding gown rental service at one of the top bridal shop in Singapore and ask them to select a dress from there itself. This will also save the hassle of having to find a place to buy similar dresses for the bridesmaid and best men. The rental services have appropriate numbers of similar dresses in stock to meet all your needs.

So, all future brides, grooms, bridesmaids and best men, choose to be wise and save some money by opting for a wedding gown rental service from the top bridal shop in Singapore. Malena Bridal has the best collection of rental dresses and Singapore that you might want to check out and. You will definitely not be disappointed with the collection and will certainly be able to pick the latest piece for your wedding.


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